Thursday, August 7, 2008


About two months ago, my trampoline blew away in a tornado into my neighbor's back yard. Everything tore apart and you can see where it hit the trees when it flew over the fence. Luckily, I wasn't in Indianapolis. I was in Columbus with my grandma. The tornado was about 3 miles away from our house.

Sometime in July, my dad started working on putting the trampoline back together. But he was missing like 21 springs! He got most of it back together okay. Then it took him about 4 more weeks to finish the whole thing and he's off on Wednesdays!

So yesterday, he looked for more springs behind the fence and then finished it. We're still missing 7 springs. In the past 2 days, I've probably jumped on it about 4 times for 5 minutes each. The highest I've gone is about a foot. But when I'm with my mom on the trampoline, I probably jump about a foot and six inches.

On Friday, my friend is coming over for a sleep over and we're going to jump on the trampoline. And I can't wait!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I was playing with my friend and at 9:30. Then I went up to my mom and said can Victoria[my friend] can have a sleepover. NO! you can't ask at the last minute! Then 30 minutes later she yap and yap and got mad.


As you know, Eugene is Emily's cat. We took Eugene home from the vet today. Emily took him out and then she said, "Well, maybe I should put him back in or he might get under the peddles (they're in the car)." She almost chopped off Eugene's head with the zipper while she was putting him back in! Finally, Eugene got back into the little bag. About two seconds later, Eugene just popped out his into the zipper.

At Nate & Jenna's House

About two weeks ago. I was at Nate and Jenna's house which are my mom and dad's friends. I was in their pool and I had some gum in my mouth. And my dad said "you can't swim while you're chewing gum." So I said "SO!" Then he told me to spit it out. And he meant to put his hand out so I could give it to him. But instead I took it out of my mouth and threw it at him.

And then a week later we went back there for a pool party. And now they had the floating boathouse. And so I was swimming and swimming and swimming around. Then Zeke, Nate and Jenna's child, said why don't I get into the boathouse. So I tried to get onto the boathouse, and my pants pretty much fell down. I guess my bathing suit was a little loose. And then everybody kept asking me why I wasn't getting into the boathouse...and I kept saying "cause my pants will fall down!"

My Day with Emily

Today in the morning Emily and I were sitting on the couch watching tv. And all of a sudden Emily said "you want to blog? What - did I inspire you?" And I said "Well I inspire people with honey mustard." After all, I convinced three people - my friend, my grandma, and my first cousin, to use it. And Emily cracked up and said she should put that in her blog.

Then we had to go to Goodwill and I said "I don't want to go!". And so I grabbed onto her legs and I hung on her so she couldn't go down the stairs.

So after we went to Goodwill we did our toenails. We soaked them then put lotion on them and then painted them. And some of you who may know Emily's blog, you know she says you should hold a conversation at the end of the tennis game. Well she was upstairs while I was painting my nails. Then she came downstairs right in the middle of me painting my nails, and she was like "oh you're doing a good job...blah, blah, blah." And I was like, "Uh I'm trying to paint my nails here!"